Who was Moses? What were those Plagues?

We are very VERY lucky to have so many FANTASTIC children taking part in the life of CHS in amazing, different ways.  We have a great Sunday School, a Senior Sunday School, a Creche, as well as lots of fabulous young people on the serving team AND ALL OF THEM engage with our community with such enthusiasm. 

Last Sunday we had an ALL AGE service to mark the end of the Sunday School term. Although the Sunday School and Senior Sunday School are now done for the summer, there will still be a Creche continuing throughout the holidays. At this service we discussed how the Sunday Schools had been exploring the story of Moses. Here are some of the ideas discussed and a look at how we can learn from the story of Moses and the Plagues in the context of all the ongoing conflicts between peoples in the world today. 

Check out Sunday School photos of Moses and the Plagues on Flickr by clicking on any of the photos below! 

What is the Bible story that Sunday school have been looking at this term?

We couldn’t have the whole story this morning so I asked the Sunday school leaders what bit the young people liked best and they said … THE PLAGUES

So plagues it is. 

Lets just remind ourselves – how many plagues were there?

And why 10 – why not just one or maybe two?

10 times Moses asked Pharaoh to set the Israelites free and 10 times he said yes and then changed his mind.  So instead of looking at them as 10 plagues we could look at them as 10 chances. 
Pharaoh had 10 chances.  

If your mum tells you to clear the table and you go to shoot some zombies instead would your mum give you 10 chances? No way!  1 or 2 maybe 3 and she might as well clear the table herself. 

So do we think 10 chances is fair?

What might have happened if Pharaoh was only given 2 chances?

[the people of Israel would have escaped from slavery sooner and that would have meant less suffering for them AND fewer of their children would have died (because as I’m sure you remember whilst they were slaves Pharaoh was killing all of their baby boys)]

Can anyone remember what the 10th plague was, the final plague that finally persuaded Pharaoh to let them go? [death of the first born – so to stop Israelite children being killed Egyptian children were killed instead – sound familiar?]

So if Pharaoh had been given more chances maybe more Israelite children would have died in slavery but then the Egyptian children wouldn’t have died.

When the final plague the angel of death passed over the land – do you remember what kept the Israelites safe? 

But it only protected the Israelites and not the Egyptians.

What does did our epistle reading say? [Christ died not just for our sins but for the sins of the whole world]
So does the whole world include both Israelites and Egyptians?

Jews and Arabs? 

Muslims and Christians?

Is there anyone the whole world doesn’t include?

Is there anyone God doesn’t love? 

Pharaoh got 10 chances - How many chances do you think God gives us?

70 x 7 

How many is 70 X 7? Can you do the sum? Do you think we are supposed to do the sum? 

What are we supposed to do? Always give people another chance – not because its easy, not because its fair, but because its what God does.