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Wind, Fire and Cake – Pentecost Weekend 23-24th May

Not that I’m boasting but … dedicated to the Holy Spirit our church has a more exciting patronal festival than pretty much any other church: not for us the pious tale of holy Saint So and So, unlike St Paul’s, St Peter’s, St Barnabas, St Luke’s, St Mary’s, St Uncle Tom Cobbleigh and all, we have the story of the HOLY SPIRIT. 

Our major feast day is PENTECOST at which we celebrate the COMING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT and THE BIRTHDAY OF THE WHOLE WORLD WIDE CHURCH OF GOD.     

In the beginning the Holy Spirit hovered over the waters of the earth and breathed life into God’s creation.  At Pentecost the Spirit came as flame and wind and speech breathing life into the church and empowering us to bring life to the world around us. 

To celebrate we had a GRAND FESTIVAL MASS on SUNDAY 24TH MAY at 10.30am accompanied by Serafine Chamber Choir and the Silk Street Sinfonia playing Haydn’s Little Organ Mass setting.   

The young and the old (and those of us in-between) took taking part in processing, unfurling our new banners, flame throwing (not ACTUAL flames – which is banned by health and safety) and distributing the Easter Light throughout the congregation.  Being the birthday of the church there was of course  BIRTHDAY CAKE and a little wine to wash it down with…