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Visitor registration during Covid 19

posted 31 Jul 2020, 08:08 by CHS Info   [ updated 1 Aug 2020, 03:15 ]

NHS Test & Trace depends on places where people congregate having a record of who has been in the building. So by the front door of the church, you will find a poster like this one (right)

So here is another use for your mobile phone - each time you visit the church can you please register your visit. Point your phone camera at the QR code, or enter the link into its browser, and fill in the details.

Your details are securely held by the provider and will be deleted after 21 days. 

They will only be used if we get a call from NHS Test & Trace. If someone who has visited the church tests positive, then the NHS will ask for a list of visitors over a period of time. Then an encrypted file will be sent to them with the contact details so that the people listed can be alerted and tested.

Below is what you will see on your mobile phone.

You will need to do it each time you visit. If you forget your phone you can ask someone to enter your details for you, on their phone.

Oh, and by the way, you can practise pointing your phone's camera at the QR code (right). 

Thank you!

Here's what you will see on your mobile phone (below)