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This week... 20/04/2020

posted 25 Apr 2020, 03:30 by Church Office   [ updated 25 Apr 2020, 04:07 by CHS Info ]


This week we reflect on another experience of the risen Christ: this time Jesus walks the road alongside his companions on the road to Emmaus together they openly share their sadness & their disappointments and Jesus slowly opens their minds and hearts so that, by the time they reach their destination, their eyes too can be opened to see Christ in their midst.

This week then is time to ponder our own journeys, those we accompany in their times of sadness and confusion and those who accompany us, and to seek to open our minds, hearts and eyes to the surprising, unexpected presence of God alongside us.


PRAM SERVICE for our youngest members and their families




This week we are journeying on the road to Emmaus by foot.   So we need you to break out your feet and set your toes free.

We will make a path of our footprints.  Please have plenty of paper, some paint, something to wash the paint off and your lovely bare feet.


Join us at 8.00am by clicking the link below




This week are older young ones will be telling the story of Thomas who needed to see and to touch with his own hands the wonderful things that God had done.


Please have drawing supplies ready: pens, pencils, paper.

Come to Sunday school using this link - https://zoom.us/j/523536110  - see the newsletter for the password. If you do not receive the newsletter, then you can sign up here.




All are welcome to join us.  It has been such a delight to welcome former parishioners no longer living in the parish to our online services and to be reminded of the deep unity and communion of the body of Christ. If you have attended online church before welcome back.  Please do fill in our short survey on how you are experiencing the services during lock-down. Here's the survey.

Please see the virtual church tab for links to the service, a downloadable liturgy and a PDF of the readings, sermon and prayers for the week. 


Please do let us know if there is anyone you think might like to be invited to join or supported in accessing online services. 

Virtual coffee time at 11.45am too. https://zoom.us/j/523536110  




Daily Prayer continues online every week day at 1pm.  This is a short 15-20 minute service to pray together for the needs of our community and the wider world. 


Stop and pray for a few minutes each day in the company of friends.  






Stress and anxiety affect all of us at times making it hard to think let alone pray.  Silent meditation focused on the breath is practiced by all the world religions.  Each Wednesday evening our online Meditation service will offer simple instruction and a time to be still together.  


Meditation will be lead alternately by June (who is an experienced meditation teacher) and Mother Ruth (who is a novice).  On different weeks we will look at listening meditations, loving-kindness meditation, breath meditation and visualization meditation.