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Home Groups


What is a Home group?

ome group is a small group of people who meet regularly, usually at someone’s home, at a time that suits all the members of the groups and usually involves food (anything from tea & a biscuit to supper and a glass of wine …)!     

Why go to a Home group?

Home groups are a lovely way to get to know other members of the church: they provide a great opportunity to STUDY and discuss the Bible togetherSUPPORT and care for each other and SHARE ideas in a relaxed, informal environment. 

It also offers:

  • somewhere that everyone can find some peace and quiet; time to reflect and pray;
  • a safe space to raise doubts, question and challenge ideas through in-depth discussions and just enjoy each other’s company!

Each group finds their own individual rhythm: they decide how regularly to meet; how long they meet for; what the group wants to get from each session and what balance of study, support and sharing feels right for the group.

The meetings are generally scheduled during Term-time, and there is no obligation to sign up for a long time. There is usually a big meeting every term where all the home groups get together to share experiences, ideas and WINE.

If you are interested in joining or leading a group, we would LOVE to hear from you. All the materials are provided by the church and leaders are given full training and support at every step of the way.

Sound like something interesting?

Want to know more and hear other people’s experiences of Home groups?

Please contact June (Wilju242@aol.com) or Matthew (enkheenamsrai@yahoo.co.uk) or Ruth (vicar@holyspirit-clapham.org.uk) for more info.