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posted 4 Jun 2020, 08:21 by Church Office   [ updated 6 Jun 2020, 02:54 by CHS Info ]
This week the protests across America have coincided with the publication of a report into the disproportionate number of covid deaths in our Black and Ethic Minority communities in the UK.

We oppose racism in any form. Injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere.

Some of you have spoken to me about how racism is impacting your lives and the lives of those you love. Some have asked, rightly, what the church is doing.

In response I took the issue to Deanery Synod. As a deanery we decided on three actions:
  1. that we all needed to be making a statement about the real and continued impact of racism in our society, our community and in our churches.
  2. We also proposed a Black Lives Matter spoken voice evening.
  3. It was decided that clergy who were not vulnerable and were otherwise healthy would attend the Black Lives Matter demonstration in Parliament Square this Saturday. 
In relation to item 1. This statement has now been agreed and a banner has been ordered to be displayed outside Church of the Holy Spirit.

As to item 2. WE NEED YOU TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN. I am asking all those of you who have something to say about Black Lives Matter and the impact of racism here in London, particularly on your reactions to the report of covid deaths in Black community, to please consider speaking. There will be a strict time limit on contributions, so it won’t need to be an essay just a few words to describe your feelings. Please get in touch with me vicar@holyspirit-clapham.org.uk

Item 3 is the most controversial; some of you have asked me not to promote attendance at the demonstration as this would be a potential source of the spread of infection further into our community. I very much wanted to attend in solidarity with those who cannot protect themselves against the virus. However, I also understand that I work with many vulnerable people and groups in the community and that the health minister has just published a plea for protestors not to gather.

If any of you are going to attend the protest please do take the advice of the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan: Covid-19 is still a real threat to our city, so if you protest, please make every effort to stay 2 metres apart from others at all times.” Wear protective masks and gloves, and to bring food, water and hand sanitiser and stay home if you have symptoms of the virus.

As a result of our deanery meeting the Archdeacon has called for an Area wide meeting which will take place next week. I will let you know what is decided if there is anything you would like me pass on please do get in touch. There are some hard conversations and challenging questions that we all need to be engaging in – please let’s keep the conversation happening