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All Change from May 8th

posted 2 May 2016, 05:48 by CHS Info   [ updated 14 May 2016, 04:32 ]
From 8 May - things are looking a little different. Well, a lot different. 

We have had several meetings over the last year to discuss how we can use the space of the church to better enable worship and improve the use of space for community events and welcome. Frequently raised are the issues of ease of participation in worship: in particular does everyone have a view of what is going on, can they hear and does everyone feel included?

We currently have a long, thin layout which leaves some of the congregation very distant from the celebrant and we receive many complaints about not being able to see and hear well.

Following on from the Extraordinary PCC meeting on 11th February (minutes on board at back of church and here) where we discussed two different plans for use of church space, the vote for the two different plans was so close we voted again and agreed on a trial of “plan G”.

The picture (left) shows the new trial layout. In essence it entails semi-elliptical seating with the altar against the (East) wall on the same side as the pulpit. The altar is on a dais that is moveable, so for special events and services such as weddings the church can be re-organised back into its original configuration (with some strong helpers ).

The dais is an approximation of what we might have, its width, depth and heights dictated by the carpenter’s stock platforms. There will be room for discussion and adaptation if we decide this is the preferred layout for the future.

We agreed for this trial to go ahead after Easter for a period of 3 months. This will give ample time for everyone to see how it works and give their opinion.

Please come along with an open mind, try it out, then let us know your views

Feedback can be given by email to wardens@holyspirit-clapham.org.uk, in writing to the church office addressed to the wardens, or speak to one of the wardens.