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Can you help us a little (or a lot) with the numbers? Join the finance team !

posted 18 Sept 2020, 08:34 by CHS Info   [ updated 18 Sept 2020, 08:37 ]
Several of the finance team are standing down or retiring this year including Contact Centre Manager Jo Ross, Frances Stormer, Peta Parker and Lynn Valkenaar.  Jo will be replaced soon so we’re looking for 2-3 new volunteers who can spare a few hours each month to help with bookkeeping.  You don’t need any experience nor any accounting qualifications.  Provided you have some basic PC skills, including working with Excel, that’s all we need.

Andrew Chevis, who has been CHS Treasurer since 2015, is retiring from the role in 2021 so we’re also looking for someone who can step forward to be the next Treasurer.  Andrew will remain on the finance team so will be able to help and advise the new Treasurer for as long as needed.

The Treasurer is responsible for managing CHS’s annual income of more than £230k.  This includes regular and ad-hoc donations of £100k plus monies raised through fundraising (such as the recent £25k to install AV equipment so we can livestream services).  Annual church and Contact Centre hire adds £70k. All this money is spent either in the parish or by the Diocese.

Essential duties for the Treasurer, helped in large part by a team of volunteers, include

·         Collecting donations and recording them for tax purposes (gift aid adds 25% to donations)

·         depositing funds and maintaining receipts

·         paying employees and maintaining tax records

·         settling invoices and managing regular payments

·         reconciling statements with the ledger and noting discrepancies, and

·         providing information to the Independent Examiner who audits the accounts annually

The Treasurer sits alongside the vicar, wardens and PCC secretary on the ‘standing committee’ (SC) which has day-to-day authority in between meetings of the Parochial Church Council (PCC). As well as attending meetings of the SC and PCC, usually a dozen or so meetings annually, the Treasurer will work with the finance team as needed through the year. 

If you are potentially interested either in the role of Treasurer or helping out on the finance team please email Andrew for more information: