The power of prayer

Catching up on the news at the moment is so depressing. So much horror and pain in the world; so much violence; so much conflict... What can we do but pray? 

We had some lovely prayers in church this Sunday, so important and relevant with so much hate and destruction in the world today. One of the few things we can do is to offer these situations up to God in prayer. 

"Blessed are you, Lord, for you are always ready to hear us when we turn to you. We rejoice in your presence with us here today, and always. Help us to share your love with others through our thoughts, words and deeds, so that we may become instruments of Your grace.

Lord, in Your mercy hear our prayer.

We give thanks for Your Church throughout the world. May its aims and actions follow Your will and serve Your kingdom. Bless our own Church, its leaders and clergy, and especially those who serve You here in Clapham. As they perform their role as shepherds of Your flock, help and guide them through the challenges they face, especially as our Church seeks the right way to reconcile tradition, laws and matters of personal conscience. Help and guide their decisions, so that these may fully reflect Your holy will.

Lord, in Your mercy hear our prayer.

Lord and Father, we give thanks for the peace and security we enjoy as citizens of the United Kingdom. We pray for Your servant our Queen, her Government, and its Ministers- especially those newly appointed to high office. May they endeavour to act in accordance with Your will- and so do what is right rather than what may be expedient.
Lord in Your mercy hear our prayer.

Prince of Peace, in grief and shame we remember before You today all who suffer the consequences of inhumanity. We pray especially for the people of Ukraine, and those from other lands who were so tragically caught up in the conflict with Russia. We pray also for the people of Palestine and Israel, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and North Korea, and all other places afflicted by violence and oppression.

We pray for all innocent victims of violence- whether sectarian, political or criminal, and however justified by cause or creed. May Your peace soften the hearts of those who seek power, wealth or vengeance through violence; and may the same Spirit bring hope to the vulnerable and the oppressed. 

Lord, help us all to do whatever we can to heal this broken world.

Lord, in Your mercy hear our prayer.

Lord and Father of us all, We commend to Your love all who are ill, in body, mind or spirit-  at home, in hospital or hospice. We pray for those who look after them, and give thanks for their commitment to others. We recall in Your presence all known to us who are ill, remembering especially (named members and friends of our community). Ever-loving God, bless them and keep them, strengthen and support them, and lead them to deeper understanding of Your eternal care.

Lord, in Your mercy  hear our prayer. 

Lord God, through the sacrifice of Your Son, You have saved us from the slavery of sin and death, and have given us the gift of eternal life. Rejoicing in that gift, we pray for loved ones and friends departed,remembering especially those who have recently died, and whose anniversaries fall around this time.  Rest eternal grant them, O Lord, and may light perpetual shine upon them.
Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of Your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ-