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Parish Support Fund - a major change

Do you know how this church is funded? It's quite simple really - it is by voluntary donations from people, as worshippers or supporters, and by fundraising. And that's not just some of the money - it's all of it.

Everything is paid for by the parish from these donations. 

Costs to do with the church buildings, with maintenance, heat, light and insurance, with worship, a parish administrator, youth groups, silver socials, music and mission - that's all paid for directly from the money donated. But that's about half our costs.

Priests' pay, pensions, training and housing are paid for by the diocese

So, from what it has raised each year, the parish hands over an amount to the diocese to pay for these too. 

In 2015 this parish was assessed by the diocese to pay £86,437. Some poorer parishes pay a lot less than this. Richer and bigger parishes pay more.

This is not new - here (above right), in an engaging and well-produced video, Giles Fraser explains why this is needed.

So what is changing?

Up until now, it has been the diocese - our Diocese of Southwark - which works out what is needed and tells parishes what to pay. It was called the Parish Share.

From next year, it is parishes who work out what they want to give. It is renamed the Parish Support Fund.

So  the PCC - our elected parochial church council - has a difficult job this summer, to tell the diocese how much we are going to pledge in 2016. Watch this space! 

Here (left) is a video in which Southwark Diocese explains why the system is needed and what we should think of as we come to a decision.

Our Diocese: total budget £17 million
293 Parishes
560 Clergy – 360 paid for and housed by the Diocese
270 Readers
190 Pastoral Assistants
40,000 church attendees
3 million population

We rely on lots of regular donations. If you'd like to join our donors, have a look at our Support Us page.