After a brilliant All Age service with lots of wonderful children and families, we all went to Clapham Common for the Parish Picnic

There was face-painting, lots of yummy nibbles, bubbles wheelbarrow races, balloon races and of course - the egg and spoon race...!

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to Jo for the face-painting! 

And a big shout out to those who worked so hard to organise it all: 

Chris Crowley, Martha, Kathryn, Lucia - YOU ARE THE BEST! (even if you didn't win all the races....  not that we were at all competitive...) 

There was LOTS of banter and giggles as the races continued with lots of proud winners! 

There was a bit of controversy regarding the tug of war teams - but could it have been because some of them had hit the deck?! 

And also... Happy Holidays everyone!