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Message from Andrew (Wilf) White

It's au revoir but certainly not adieu from the Whites. After 27 years at CHS I have moved to Hoxne in Suffolk and Diane is moving to East Dulwich and eventually to Rye in East Sussex. Tom will soon be off to university and Amelia will be starting her A levels in Sydenham.

I was on the PCC for 24 years and served as churchwarden, church treasurer, PCC secretary, and Deanery Synod rep.  No doubt to everyone's relief, my lack of ordination prevented me from having a go at being vicar.  You will be pleased to know that I have already been signed up for the readers' rota in Hoxne.  Tom and Amelia were servers and Amelia helped with creche and Sunday School and Diane was a keen flower arranger and occasional cake baker.  So we have all loved our time at the Church of the Holy Spirit and will certainly not fail to come back from time to time to see our many friends and run the occasional book stall.

As you all know, I have always been a very radical, modernising sort of chap, endlessly promoting all kinds of trendy innovations, so it will come as a great shock to you that I am loving country life and now live in a very historic house on a site which has been inhabited since the 9th century.  My home was built on the site of a priory dedicated to St Athelbright, which is also thought to have been the first burial place of St Edmund King and Martyr, the first patron saint of England.   My new parish church has several mediaeval wall paintings and even has BCP* services from time to time.  But you will be pleased to know that I am learning to tolerate such antiquarian nonsense.  

We will always remember our years in Clapham with great affection and send you all our very best wishes and our love and prayers.  We shall certainly be coming back to Clapham fairly regularly and, since visiting the Priory offered you 40 days off purgatory in an indulgence granted by a mediaeval bishop, we very much hope that members of our congregation will also feel encouraged to visit us in Hoxne too, and the more sinful ones more regularly.

Andrew White

* Editor's note: BCP - Book of Common Prayer is the name given to the prayer book first published in 1549 and revised through to 1662.