Robes Sleepout

At last Friday evening had arrived and it was not raining; I set off for Southwark Cathedral with warm clothes, sleeping bag, ground mat, tarpaulin and a wooly hat.  There was a lovely atmosphere at the Cathedral as 150 of us registered to sleep outside in the cathedral grounds over night. Having found my pitch it was time to mingle and spot people I knew. There were many Friends of Southwark Cathedral  providing us with hot drinks and hospitality during the night. At 9.15pm Jo Brand entertained us for half hour including some quite risqué jokes, this was followed by a calming service of Compline before settling down in our sleeping bags. It was a cold night, but we all knew we would be returning home to a hot bath unlike the homeless people the Robes Project is there to help. The Bishop went round at 6.30am ringing a hand bell (like a school teacher) and we then had a Eucharist service at 6.45am. I am so pleased I did it; to be surrounded by people who care and support the homeless.
Robes Project 2012-2013
It is hard to believe a year has gone by and Churches together in Clapham (CTiC) is about to embark on its second season of Volunteering for the Robes winter night shelter project in Clapham. We are looking for volunteers to join us again this winter.
To get an idea of what's involved why not read this report from Holy Spirit volunteers from last year?
Before Christmas we are hosting at The Ace of Clubs on Wednesday evenings and in the New Year we will revert to Tuesday evenings for another six weeks. We are delighted to say after Christmas there will be an additional venue, the Wilberforce Centre at Holy Trinity, as it is planned in the colder months of the middle section January to mid February to increase the number of guests from 15 to hopefully 25, then back to 20 for the final 6 weeks at Christ Church & St Johns.
A small group has started the planning and forms are available from Anna Long or at the back of the Church. If you want to contact her online type in 'Robes Project' to the comments section, explaining your interest, in our contact form here.
There will be a training session at the Ace of Clubs on Wednesday 31 October, (more details will be sent to volunteers who have expressed an interest nearer the time) and the first “real” Robes evening will be Wednesday 7 November.
There is to be a SLEEPOUT again this year on Friday 30th November at Southwark Cathedral to raise funds for the Robes Project so that we can continue to support the Guests with the invaluable assistance they receive from both Crispin and Olivia. We will be able to give more details at the Training session.
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