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The Harknett Family are coming!

Good News, everyone! The Harknetts are coming to Clapham.   Helen Harknett will be ordained deacon at Southwark Cathedral on Saturday 25th June (the Feast of St Peter and St Paul AND the day of the Abbeville Fete).  The very next day will be her first day at Church of the Holy Spirit as Assistant Curate (full-time).  

The family will move into Wix’s Lane in May so that they have a few weeks to settle in and discover the joys of clergy housing before Helen’s ordination.

Dan, Helen’s husband is a primary school teacher and currently he is the main carer for Isaac who is in Reception and Thea who is just 2. 

More about the Harknetts: Helen is great at sport, Dan is a gifted musician, Isaac is awesome at Lego and Thea likes birthdays. 

Please do pray for all of them as they prepare for this major change in their lives.  Once they arrive PLEASE let them feel the love and don’t give them cabbage.

Ruth asked them some searching questions so we can see a little what they are like before they arrive

Searching question





Favourite Food


Tripe and Onions


Spaghetti Bolognese

Favourite Hymn

Lord for the Years

King of Glory King of Peace

Our God is a great big God

Jesus’ love is very wonderful (&Happy Birthday)

Favourite TV character

Nanny Plum

(don’t get to watch grown up TV these days)


Andy (the dinosaur adventurer)

Peppa Pig

Favourite OT character


Sometimes Deborah

Often Micah


Dave (of Dave and the Giant pickle Tale

(1 Samuel 17)


Preferred Pastime

Laughing and writing

Eating and reading

Lego and hanging out with Mum and Dad

Singing Happy Birthday

Most like to be stuck in a lift with

Beth Orton

A lift engineer



Least like to be stuck in a lift with


Donald Trump

A T-Rex