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Sing for Peace - Fauré Requiem

On 20 September, instead of the normal evening services about 60 singers  (shown right in an early warm-up as the choir gathered) conducted by Robert Bowles, inspired by Madeline Johnston and accompanied by Martin Keiffer sang the Fauré Requiem as part of a service for peace.

David Jeffries was in the choir: 

Practising the Fauré at CHS from scratch was fun. Being part of the performance a mere two hours later was such a treat. Everybody gave their best and the resulting wave of sound was a pleasure to be part of. The choir, soloists and the organ and piano accompanists most of whom hadn’t met previously gave a marvellous rendition of this classic requiem. The church’s special acoustics made it all sound even better.

Singing in the company of such talented soloists raised everybody’s performance, and we even managed to get some expressive dynamics into our choral singing. All thanks to the leadership of Robert Bowles, our Director of Music. 
Mention must be given to the organisation or this event, it all seemed so effortless from where I was sitting but must have taken much planning. The readings about global peace were thoughtful, and perfectly read by members of the choir and congregation.

In the congregation were John and Biddy Taylor:

What better example of the abundance of musical talent in Clapham could there be than the performance of Faure’s Requiem in the Church of the Holy Spirit on Sunday 20th September? Faure’s reticent setting is not well suited to the concert hall but the intimacy and acoustics of our lovely church provided an ideal setting for this liturgical piece. 

Out of the raw material which Robert Bowles had assembled only a few hours earlier he created a most impressive choir. With only one rehearsal, the clarity and power of the different sections of the choir matched the professionalism of the talented soloists. Together with organ and piano, Robert brought the ensemble together to provide a rare treat. The singing was complemented with well-chosen readings and prayers which formed a fitting participation in the ‘Singing for Peace’ day. We in the congregation were able to join in the final ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’ round. With thanks for all those who made this such a memorable event.

Narbonne Singers (Chorus)
Katy Thomson (Soprano) 
Judy Brown (Alto)
Matthew Sandy (Tenor)
Geoff Williams (Baritone)
Martin Keiffer (Organ)  
Alex Roberts (Piano)
Robert Bowles (Director of Music)