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Premiere in Clapham - 7 July for 5 days

                  You'll Be Sorry When I'm Gone in rehearsal
Third Chair is a new theatre company founded by Simon Vickery, Matt Vickery and Ed Cherrie, all veterans of CHS pantomimes of yesteryear.

Third Chair’s debut production, You’ll Be Sorry When I’m Gone, will be showing at the Bread and Roses Theatre in Clapham from 7th-11th July. The show, which is being co-produced with FULLfuse Theatre, consists of three original short plays, performed back-to-back by the same four actors.

They began by discussing and workshopping short pieces that Simon had written, a process which is echoed in the show that they’ve created. Matt says, ‘These plays were not initially intended to be performed together, however we recognised some recurring motifs across all three. What we’ve undertaken is an experiment in theatrical form. Our show is the story of four actors performing these short plays. In the interludes between them we catch glimpses of the rehearsal room, and the psychology, conflicts and relationships that exist within it.’

The three plays are: a modern farce in which an unmarked grave becomes the centre of a bizarre conflict; the story of a man’s last days, told through the eyes of his grieving family; and a black comedy that imagines a near future in which anything can be bought, including another person’s life (or death).

Tickets are available for £8 from The Bread and Roses box office on 0333 666 3366, or at
The Bread and Roses Theatre, 68 Clapham Manor Street, Clapham SW4 6DZ