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Pentecost - 8th June - the Holy Spirit is coming - look busy...

...…get busy.The Holy Spirit is a little like divine double espresso - it gets us moving…

The coming of the Holy Spirit got the first disciples off their backsides and sent them out into their community.  

We started the year with a great number of you putting your heads together to think about where we felt God might be sending us. You had some great ideas from which we’ve chosen THREE main areas to focus our energies.  

Come and hear more at 10.30am on Sunday 8th June when we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit with a festival Mass involving a host of musicians, singing and playing, the sharing and sending out of the Easter flame AND cake and wine

After we have shared and celebrated our Call to Mission here in Clapham in the morning there will be a chance to share in the Mission of the whole Diocese in the afternoon and evening. 

There will be a big festival service at 6.30pm in Southwark Cathedral centred on Bishop Christopher’s Call to Mission: Faith Hope Love and lots of other festivities throughout the afternoon:

Activities kick off at 4.15pm with a gathering at St John’s Church, Waterloo Road (SE1 8UD). After some refreshments and music, there w
ill be a short act of worship at 5.20pm. 


 You can then join us for a lovely 30 minute walk along theThames to Southwark Cathedral (it is also very easy to do it by public transport) in time for the 6.30pm service. So keep fingers crossed for good weather!