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Gutsy Gastros

Gutsy Gastros Wine Tasting

For a report on the winetasting onFriday 5th December in support of Gutsy Gastros Charity go to

It is not often we get to see a charity being born but on 18th September the Bell family, with a host of supporters, launched a new charity, now officially Gutsy Gastros Registered Charity Number 1158657 !

The presentations - as well as the superb volunteer entertainers - moved the audience and we felt very privileged to share in a new beginning for families of children with life-long, life-threatening and life-limiting bowel conditions who want to manage their children’s condition at home wherever possible, improving their quality of life. A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. But here is one important bit of news - with their charitable status now awarded they can be supported with money on

For more information about Gutsy Gastros, go to their Facebook page.