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CTiC Groups and Services from 29th April

Christ is risen!  Now I’m off to bed   This is the (completely understandable) response of a large number of clergy to the arrival of Easter Sunday.  Yet, even more than the 50 days of Lent, the 50 days of Easter should be a time when we focus on reinvigorating our faith: when we commit time to reflect on our lives, study and pray in readiness for the gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. 

With this in mind, we and our sister churches in Clapham decided NOT to run ecumenical study groups during LENT this year but, instead, to have then in Eastertide.

This Eastertide we will explore together the book of Acts: the story of what happened to the first ever Christians in the days after Easter.

Churches Together groups are always fun and enable us to learn surprising things through getting to know Christians from other churches and denominations.

There are 6 groups scheduled this year 2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 2 in the evening:


Tuesday 10.30am St Mary’s, Clapham Common 

Thursday 10.30am St Paul’s Rectory Grove


Wednesday 1.45pm Holy Trinity, Clapham Common 

Thursday 2pm Holy Spirit, Narbonne Ave


Tuesday 8pm Christchurch, Union Grove

Wednesday 7.30pm Clapham Methodists, High Street

The course is 5 weeks long and starts the week beginning 29th April and finishing the week beginning 2nd June

Aha! you will say that is six weeks not five! Yes it is but there will be no groups meeting in the week beginning 26th May so that we can join together to celebrate Ascension Day in an open air service in the garden of St Johns Clapham Road to which everyone is invited: 7.30pm THURSDAY 29TH MAY.