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Birthday Party Invitation

Come, drink, eat, celebrate, commit.  27th January marks the start of a very special year as the Church of the Holy Spirit reaches its hundredth birthday!

We are looking forward to a year of celebrations for the church and the community.  The birthday provides us with an opportunity to reflect upon who we are and what we have to share with our local community.

Sunday 27th January (the Sunday closest to the date of our dedication) happens to also be Education Sunday and we have invited some of our local schools to join with us at the 10.30 am service to celebrate the gift of education.  We will end the service with an act of commitment in which we dedicate ourselves to serve God and our community in the years ahead.  Everyone is most warmly welcomed to come to the service and to join us for an abundance of wine, cake and other good things afterwards (the first of our many birthday parties this year).

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