Work starts on the AV system

Roddy Gye (GHA Group), Karen Butti (Inspecting architect), and Ollie Jenni (AV specialist) reviewing the positioning of the new speakers

Work is starting on 15 September on our church's new audio-visual system, whose main purpose is to enable us to share services and events online, but which will also result in a major remedying of the current sound system. Our application for the Church of England's version of listed building consent, which gives full details of the solution, can be seen here. There were some questions asked about the number and positioning of speakers and cameras, and we are grateful to Robert Bowles (who is about to start a major addition to the organ, you can just see the additional pipes right, on the office roof) who added some expertise to our answers.

GHA have been many years in the business, and have provided large and small churches with audio-visual solutions. Some of their customers include Holy Trinity, Clapham, Westminster Abbey as well as a church in West Croydon.

The current project plan shows a completion date in early October. 


If you'd like to help operate the new system, training will be available late September, early October. There will be two levels of training  - every day use and super-user - and we would like to have several people trained at both levels. Drop a line to Nick Jenni on

Organ Scholar Shawn Li appointed

CHS is delighted to announce the introduction of a organ scholarship for young aspiring organists connected with music in our community. Following an audition and test process in March, we are pleased to say that the award has gone to Shawn Li, who starts the post immediately.

The responsibilities of the post include playing the organ at services, accompanying the choir, and developing choral conducting experience.

If you haven't had a chance already, please do take the chance to congratulate Shawn on his award and welcome him to the community.

When he heard about his success, Shawn said "I’m honoured to be offered this great opportunity at the Church of the Holy Spirit.  Music is a central pillar of Christian worship and plays a great part in services at CHS - with the guidance of the Director of Music Andrei, I will strive to play my part and rise to the challenges. I’m really excited and looking forward to working together with everyone in CHS family." 

CHS Director of Music, Andre Lebed commented "It is a pleasure to extend a formal welcome to Shawn to the musical team at CHS - he is a great asset and we look forward to supporting him further as he progresses towards the Oxford and Cambridge organ scholarship trials in 2020. Encouraging and supporting young talent in church music is a key part of us contributing to the health and longevity of the wider church community. Thank you all for helping us do this." 

Mtr Helen looks back at Holy Week

From ‘Hosanna’ to ‘Crucify Him’ to ‘Alleluia!’ – our Resurrection Story

The journey through Holy Week began with our Palm Sunday procession from Bonneville School to the Church, reading scripture, singing hymns and waving palms.  Our Pal Sunday service then continued in church with an adapted narration of St Matthew’s Passion, with actors silently and subtly providing some additional pause for thought.  Our narrator this year was local actor, Maggie O’Neill who was delighted to have been asked to join us.  Our thanks to her and to all of our actors for providing us with such a “moving”  “tangible” and “accessible” retelling of the greatest story ever told.

In the weeks leading up to Palm Sunday, we welcomed classes from Bonneville Primary School to church to ‘Experience Easter’.  This is an interesting and interactive method of retelling the Passion story to young children. On the paper palm crosses that we made and then strung up across the high altar, the children were invited to write prayers for difficult situations in their lives or across the world.  We shared a deeply holy silence in the church as they were making these prayers.  Holy Holy Holy.

Seder Meal

On Holy Tuesday, we hosted our annual Seder Meal, with food prepared by and all donations going to the Ace of Clubs. Thirty three of us – Jews, Christians, and people of no faith – joined together to remember Passover.  The curate was given her first shot at presiding at the meal, which she enjoyed hugely, warmly supported by Murray Glickman and Mike Manson, the seasoned Seder professionals. Sarah Miles and Nicola Kingston worked their magic with all the various preparations and Anna Rowsell and her merry band provided us with beautiful music to round off a lovely evening. We raised £320 for the Ace of Clubs. Thank you to all those who made this evening such a success.

Maundy Thursday & Good Friday

A heartening number of our congregation came to worship over the course of these two days.  We shared some deeply holy moments as we washed feet, remembered the Lord’s Supper, enjoyed the silence of the BEAUTIFUL Garden of Watch, before making our way to Good Friday and the contrasting shouts of ‘Crucify Him!’

Our Good Friday events began in the morning with our children’s workshops and creation of the Easter Garden and ended, five hours later, with Fr Christopher’s Meditations on the Cross. Many thanks to all the volunteers who came to help us with our Good Friday services, particularly Sara Spillett, Mother Louise, and  Sarah Miles (who imagined and the directed the making of the stunning garden, after some late night making and baking of a whole load of dough for our hot cross buns).


We sent out an Easter card to our congregation this year, thanking them/you for all the support given to us over the last year and also sharing some of our highlights. If you did not receive an Easter card and would like to receive information from us in future, please do let Sara Spillett know by emailing  and we will ensure you get one next year!

It’s been an extraordinary year for us and we hope and pray that the risen Christ will continue to lead us in life-giving love to those in our midst who need us most.  

CTiC pilgrimage to Westminster Abbey

On Wednesday 4 April a group of approximately 25 Claphamites met at the tomb of the Unknown Warrior at the West Door of Westminster Abbey for a pilgrimage
around the Abbey. Orga
nised by Rosemary Nutt of St Peter's Church, the ecumenical group included representatives of (at least) 6 of the Clapham churches and were expertly guided by Canon Anthony Ball (yes that's right, he's Canon Ball!) and Kath, one of of the Abbey vergers. We stopped at some of the key points in the Abbey for some historical background provided by Kath and some prayerful meditation from Anthony Ball. These included the exquisite Italian mosaic "pavement" near the altar steps, the choir stalls and poets corner as well as the final resting places of Kings and Queens of England. 

It was interesting to be there just as the Abbey was closing for the evening and the hubbub of visitor voices slowly died down over the course of our pilgrimage. One highlight was to see - in Easter Week - the mural of "doubting" Thomas, his outsize arm reminding us that a relic of his arm was once housed in the Abbey. Our visit concluded with a beautiful service of Compline (night prayer) by candle-light in the atmospheric chapel dedicated to St Faith.

Message from the Bishop of Southwark

At this difficult time following the events on London Bridge and in Borough Market last night it is important that we join together in strong prayer for all those who were affected by last night’s events, especially for those whose lives have been changed by the terrible events on our streets. Please also pray for the emergency services as they respond to the needs of those affected, seek to keep us safe and care for the injured. Pray for the coming of God’s Kingdom in our troubled work.

Our Dean has written this prayer which I commend for your use:

Loving God, when terror came to our doorstep, and stalked our streets you were there with us in the fear and agony. Remain with us and with all those caught up in the horror of these events, the injured and distressed those who died and all who seek your peace which passes understanding. Amen. 

My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by last night’s attack and with you all especially today.

Swedish teen visit

Eighteen years ago Alexandra Sundman worked at CHS as a young volunteer from Sweden, and so it was a particular delight to welcome the Revd Alexandra Skeppstrom Sundmann, along with 20 of her confirmation group to the parish and to the 10:30 service on Sunday, at the end of their Ascension weekend visit. They all worship at the Brännkyrka church in the southern suburbs of Stockholm.

PCC Awayday

We elected our new PCC in April and we sent them off for their away-day on Saturday 13 May

We have four members who are new to the PCC (Sam, Amanda, Will and Deborah) and new wardens (Paula and Rosemarie who now join Alan in a Trinitarian Triumph of Church wardening – very strong and stable 😉 ).

The day was spent discussing and reflecting on our essential calling and how to serve church of the Holy Spirit, the whole parish and the wider church. During the day the PCC was likened to a delivery service, a cycling team and a gyroscope!

There were, of course, the obligatory team building games which involved hilarity, competitive spirit and (am sad to report) cheating! (see left)

By the end of the day the PCC had written their own collect which will be used at the PCC meetings for the coming year:

Loving God,
You pour your spirit on all your people.
Open our hearts and minds,
Inspire us with your wisdom; and
Give us peace, courage and guidance;
So that in our ministry we may serve our community,
promoting equality and justice with love
In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen

We were delighted to hold the Archdeacon of Lambeth's Deanery Visitation Service on 3rd May where we welcomed all the churchwardens from the whole area, they filled the church, sang with gusto and pledged to  dedicate themselves to their ministry and office for the coming year. It was lovely to see everyone fill the church and we had lots of positive comments on our new chairs -which were all needed.

CHS Seder Meal

A most moving evening of ritual, remembrance and celebration was had by all who came to our Seder Passover Supper Celebration, hosted by Mother Ruth and Rabbi Murray. 

Our delicious food was provided and prepared by the Ace of Clubs, and the curate received her training in preparing Seder plates, under the meticulous tutelage of Sarah Miles.  

Our music group shone brightly, as usual, playing for us throughout the evening.  Joy! 

Bonneville School - an Easter Experience

YouTube Video

Who is running whom ragged? Mtr Ruth introducing one of 4 classes from Bonneville School to the mysteries of Easter. 

There is a prize of an Easter egg to anyone who can guess what she is explaining in this video.  Answers by midnight on Saturday 15 April 2017 to

Robes Project at CHS

The Robes Project organises night shelters during the winter months for homeless people, providing a place of safety to sleep, an evening meal and breakfast to people who would otherwise be on the streets.

This winter CHS has hosted the Robes project for the first time and we were the venue for 15 guests on Saturday nights from Saturday 4 February to Saturday 18 March. Due to a double booking in the Contact Centre, Robes was at Ace of Clubs on 25 March.

Hosting the night shelter would not be at all possible without all those members of CHS and CTiC member churches who have volunteered their time and catering skills on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings as well as those who have spent their nights on camp beds listening to varying decibels of snoring!

Our guests have been a challenging group – punctuality and time keeping have not been their strong points, and volunteers are to be commended for keeping a brave face when there have been more volunteers than guests when the dinner has been served. But despite this, it has been a pleasure having our guests and I’m sure we have volunteers who have acquired new knowledge of different countries, cultures and languages.

If you have not had an opportunity to volunteer this winter, I’m sure that the project will be returning to CHS next winter, as well as to other venues in and around Clapham, so be sure to look out for the volunteer recruitment drive nearer the time.

And should you wish to spend a night out under the stars, the Robes sponsored sleepout is on Friday 24 November 2017. Sarah Miles

Thank you to all of the volunteers, to team leaders Sarah Miles, Anna Long and Mtr Ruth, and thank you to Sara Jenni for managing the huge task of the rota for all those volunteers from lots of different churches and areas.

Any queries can be directed to

2017 Giving Campaign Launched with call to action

On Sunday 20 November, feast of Christ the King, at all the day's services, the 2017 campaign was launched to generate the resources to make possible our mission as a church.

See here the Gift of Giving which was presented by Mtr Ruth, Andrew Chevis (treasurer) and Rosemarie Jones (stewardship team).

There are plenty more people to reach, so please share this with others!

Parishioner talks about Holy Spirit at St Paul's

Dr Jane Williams, who was a parishioner here in Clapham, spoke at St Paul's Cathedral on May 1st about the Holy Spirit.

New assistant curate at Holy Spirit

Good News, everyone! 
The Harknetts are coming to Clapham.   

Helen Harknett will be ordained deacon at Southwark Cathedral on Saturday 25th June (the Feast of St Peter and St Paul AND the day of the Abbeville Fete).  The very next day will be her first day at Church of the Holy Spirit as Assistant Curate (full-time).  

Find out a little more about the Harknetts here.

A year in the life of a Clapham priest

An exhibition of photos essay that brings to life, through images, a year of ministry by a London priest, Rev Kit Gunasekera, vicar of our neighbouring parish of St James' Clapham. 

The exhibition venue is gallery@oxo (below the Oxo tower) on London's South bank from Thursday 3rd March- Sunday 20th March. 11-6pm. Admission Free.

More details on their website here.

Write like a spin doctor? That would be a miracle.

Six eager learners gathered round Sara Spillett's kitchen table on Monday.  Our aim?  To glean words of wisdom about the art of writing news stories.  Who from?  Our local expert, Glenn Hickling, copywriter and writing coach. 

Find out how it went by reading Margi Mahoney's report here.

Glen has offered to run a second course soon. We'll keep you posted.

Letter from Mother Ruth following open meeting

We held an open meeting on Wednesday 27th January to present the PCC’s proposed plan for adapting the church building, to answer questions and to listen to each other’s views.  Read on

I thought we were all one in Christ? a response to the Primates statement

Today the meeting of Anglican primates issued a statement acknowledging the differences between churches within the Anglican Communion over issues of sexuality and the definition of marriage.  
They then agreed to sanction the U.S. Anglican church for their commitment to the full-inclusion of LGBTQ people by barring them from the decision-making process of the Communion.  They expressed their hope that this decision would strengthen church unity.  I am not sure what definition of unity they are applying – how can unity can be strengthened by excluding one part of the Communion – surely that is dis-union? 

I applaud our brothers and sisters in the Episcopal church for their bold commitment to the gospel of inclusive love illustrated by the parable that Jesus told of the lost sheep: how can the 99 sheep be whole if they exclude the 1?

The PCC of this church will be reviewing the new LGBTI Mission initiative over the next few months as a prelude to deciding whether or not to support it.  I hope they do.

In the meantime do read the response of one Episcopalian priest from California published in the Huffington Post by clicking on the link below.

Carols by Candlelight

We had a full church for Carols by Candlelight on Sunday afternoon, 13 December.

Read about it here.

Robes Sleepout - Undercover Report

Want to know what it was like? Here's an unofficial report just for you.

Sparrow Schools (South Africa)

We welcomed this wonderful choir to CHS on Saturday 21 November, and look forward to them joining us for our Parish Eucharist on Sunday 22 November at 10:30.

Youth Jam

Message from Katy: MASSIVE THANK YOU to the lovely folk who came along to the Youth Jam on 20th September. We all had lots of fun and earned our medals (quite literally!) as part of the music club. We chatted about what instruments we play, why it is fun to do music, what kind of music we like to do AND even learned some cool rhythm and song games! 

There are plans being hatched for the next event so keep your eyes peeled for more info- the more the merrier. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Katy Thomson (via the church office

Sixty-strong choir and soloists sing Fauré Requiem for peace

Find out more

Magnificat recording at CHS now available

Read more about the recording from the publisher Convivium here. The recording took place in May - read about it here.

Big changes on funding the church

In a courageous move, the Diocese of Southwark is moving to a new model, in which parishes (that's us) decide how much money to give them to fund the clergy. 

Loko got her cow

In her Christian Aid week sermon on 10 May, Ruth told us about Loko, a widow who walked a huge distance to collect firewood for sale to support her young family. Christian Aid wrote to Sara Spillett, our Christian Aid rep, this week, with this message:

Dear Mrs Spillett, 

Last month, Christian Aid supporters like you did something amazing. You chose to change the lives of women like Loko in Ethiopia.

Together, we heard Loko's story - how she had no choice but to make a back breaking, dangerous eight hour walk several times a week to collect firewood to sell - otherwise she feared her children would starve. 

But Loko had faith; things didn't have to be that way. She dreamed of owning a cow, so she could feed her children and take control of her life.

Moved by the injustice Loko experienced every day, you responded. Whatever you did - whether you donated, collected, prayed, baked, walked, or abseiled - you've done something amazing. You've helped to lighten Loko's burden.

Thanks to you, Loko recently received the cow she dreamed of, as well as two goats. Your support has transformed her life.

Watch our moving Christian Aid Week round-up film, which includes an interview with Loko after she received her livestock.

New! Sunday Evening Taizé

From next week (28th June) our 6.30pm services on Sundays will be incorporating Taize into our evening worship.

New to Taize? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Come along , have a go and see what you think!


Robes Project - news

Have you seen the Robes Project video "No place to live" with commentary by Martin Clunes? And on the same page here, there's the May newsletter too, which talks about the amazing £82,000 raised in the sleepout.

Alfred Hunter organ - 94 years of building

In an interview  for their June 2015 issue, the Southwark and South London Society of organists ask Robert Bowles our director of music for some information about our magnificent Alfred Hunter Organ. Read and watch the interview here.

New Treasurer - Andrew Chevis

We are delighted that Andrew Chevis is our new Treasurer from 2015. He was appointed recently by the PCC (the church's governing body).

Ruth put a few questions to Andrew so as to introduce him to us. Read the questions and answers here.

Seder Meal

On Monday 30 March
, we shared a Passover meal at the Contact Centre, 60 Hambalt Road. It was fun and many were surprised at how closely it was echoed in Christian liturgy. We welcomed Murray Glickman to guide us through the Seder meal; he brought to our attention this interesting episode from the reign of Justinian in 527.

A recently published book states that Roman Emperor Justinian made 'efforts to force Jews to postpone their observance of the Passover 
Click here to read on and for pictures

St Matthew Passion - review

ConductorFrederick Platt

3 April 2015, Church of the Holy Spirit, Clapham

Soloists: Katy Thomson (soprano),  Robin Whitehouse (Evangelist), Richard Roberts (Christus), Harriet Roberts (alto),  John Cuthbert (tenor), Daniel Tate (bass) with the #Operaco orchestra and choir.

When you go to a live performance of the St Matthew Passion, with the Evangelist recounting the story directly to you, and the soloists and choir standing before you as they did on this Good Friday performance at Church of the Holy Spirit in Clapham, this great oratorio by Bach becomes much more than a musical masterpiece.   Read on

Annual Report 2014

The PCC approved the 2014 annual report on 24 March, and it is available on line here (where you can also download it to your computer).

Printed copies are available at the back of the church.

This year the 2015 Abbeville Fete will be on Saturday 27th June.

Please put the date in your diary!

Last year the fete raised £20,000 for local charities and community activities. Our best achievement yet and we want to make 2015  even better.

Read more here 

MAP MOT: Many People, One in Spirit and Service 

How are we getting on with following our MAP (Mission Action Plan) ?

We have done some great things, GO TEAM! 

Now what? 

Read more here 

Silver Socials gets off to a flying start! 

A huge thank you to everybody that helped to make yesterday's first ever Silver Social such a brilliant success. 

Read more here


TUESDAY 20th JANUARY and every Tuesday - 10.30am-12.00pm 
Tea, cake, friendly faces, activities and more... 
More information here 

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 
18th-25th January 2015 

During the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Christians are reminded of Jesus’ prayer for his disciples that “they may be one so that the world may believe” (see John 17.21). Hearts are touched, and congregations/parishes all over the world exchange preachers or arrange special ecumenical celebrations and prayer services. 

This year, we are delighted to be hosting the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity service IN OUR VERY OWN CHS. This will be on Tuesday 20th January, at 7.30pm (put it in your diary!)
Read more here... 

During Advent we look forward to the coming of Christmas

But we also look forward to the coming of Jesus and the coming of the kingdom of God.

What will come out of your Advent?

What treasure do we have that we can use to build the kingdom of God?

This advent we invite each household to make their own treasure box – big or small... 

Silver Socials in January 2015

We want to be a safe and welcoming place for older people to socialise and contribute.

We want to launch TUESDAY MORNING drop ins for older people in January 2015. 

To do this we need your help! Read more... 


Love singing Christmas Carols? SO DO WE! 

We will be doing lots of carol singing for various charities over the course of the festive period- do come along and join us if you can! 

Find out more here

"Crafts at Christmas" Fair 

The CHS Christmas Fair will feature a wide variety of delightful stalls offering all the arts and crafts inspiration you could possibly need to get you in the mood for the festive season.

Pop along on SATURDAY 29TH NOVEMBER 12-4pm to browse the goodies!

BUT WAIT!! We also need donations towards the TOMBOLA and BRIC-A-BRAC! Do you have anything you could spare? Or perhaps you have some jams and/or preserves that you might like to drop off on the day?

The more the merrier- in every sense! Put the date in your diary and we will see you there!

Introducing Will Aid 

This November a good solicitor will write your will and ask only for a donation to a charity. 

Seriously- it is that easy. 

Will Aid is a special partnership between the legal profession and nine of the UK's best-loved charities. 

Read more here... 

Personal and Public Remembrance 

Every evening 180 names are read out at the Tower of London. Someone stands on a little hillock, set amongst the 888,246 poppies planted by volunteers in the moat, and just reads their names.

Read on

See also about the church's own memorial tablet of 70 names in Remembrance.

Fathomless Riches: Or How I Went From Pop to Pulpit 
with The Reverend Richard Coles

Tuesday 11 November 2014, 6.30-8pm

In this free evening in St Paul’s Cathedral, Richard Coles will reflect on his memoir which has been called funny, warm, witty and wise, sharing his unique journey to faith in his inimitable style.Read more here

Lambeth Money Champions

Reducing the stress of money worries through talking to someone you trust.

Can you spare a few minutes to talk to someone struggling with  money worries?

Friday night at the movies with CHS 

Great films, great friends, free popcorn and drinks. One Friday night a month in the stage room of the Contact Centre: CHS Youth Film Club is back with a fantastic range of films 

SOUND GOOD? Read on.... 

Gutsy Gastros Launch Party

 It is not often we get to see a charity being born but on 18th September the Bell family, with a host of supporters, launched a new charity.   Read on

HOST is looking for friendly, hospitable people who would like the idea of welcoming an international student at a UK university to their home, for a day, a weekend or Christmas. 

Interested? Read more 


Who will you invite?

Come to Church Sunday is the perfect opportunity to encourage those who haven’t been to CHS in a while to touch base and find out about all the brilliant things we have going on in the parish at the moment. 

Interfaith Walk - 20th September 2014

Faiths Together in Lambeth is kicking off their annual Interaith Walk in CHS at 10.15am on 20th September. 

For more information on the route and the six centres that will be visited, click here 

Women Bishops- does it matter?  

Rev Louise Boulton's sermon on the role of women in church 

Read it here 

Know of anyone job hunting? 

We have just heard of an exciting new job opportunity! 

A great new part-time role is on offer, coordinating the Church Credit Champions Network in Southwark diocese.

Know anyone that might be interested? Fancy knowing more? 


Many of you will know Jane and Michael Bell and their three children, Albert, Lilly and Heidi who come to CHS. 

We are excited to announce the launch of the charity that their story has inspired: GUTSY GASTROS is a new Charity for Children and Teenagers with life threatening and life limiting bowel conditions.

Please save the date and come and join us to celebrate our launch at the Church of the Holy Spirit, Narbonne Road, Clapham - September 18th 7.00-9.00 pm.

Read on 

School's out for Summer! 

After a brilliant All Age service with lots of wonderful children and families, we all went to Clapham Common for the Parish Picnic

There was face-painting, lots of yummy nibbles, bubbles wheelbarrow races, balloon races and of course - the egg and spoon race...!

Who was Moses? What were those Plagues? 

We are very VERY lucky to have so many FANTASTIC children taking part in the life of CHS in amazing, different ways. We have a great Sunday School, a Senior Sunday School, a Creche, as well as lots of fabulous young people on the serving team AND ALL OF THEM engage with our community with such enthusiasm. 

Last Sunday we had an ALL AGE service to mark the end of the Sunday School term. Although the Sunday School and Senior Sunday School are now done for the summer, there will still be a Creche continuing throughout the holidays. At this service we discussed how the Sunday Schools had been exploring the story of Moses. Here are some of the ideas discussed and a look at how we can learn from the story of Moses and the Plagues in the context of all the ongoing conflicts between peoples in the world today. 

Read more here

The power of prayer

Catching up on the news at the moment is so depressing. So much horror and pain in the world; so much violence; so much conflict... What can we do but pray? 

We had some lovely prayers in church this Sunday, so important and relevant with so much hate and destruction in the world today. One of the few things we can do is to offer these situations up to God in prayer. 

Read more here

What would you do? 

What would you do if... 

- A child discloses alleged abuse?
- An adult discloses alleged abuse? 
- You notice signs of abuse of a child or an adult? 
- There is an accident to a child or vulnerable adult in your care? 
- Behaviour is observed which poses risks to others or themselves? 

It could happen. And it could happen to you. 

Sunday 6th July - A love story? 

Why not take some time to explore the new SERMONS section of the website? Here is the first installment from last Sunday's service 

"Today we heard a story about families, the story of Isaac and Rebekah and how they found new life in one another.  It is a love story."

Truly Scrumptious ... ABBEVILLE FETE 2014

Singers and stalls, carousels and cakes, pimm’s and pooches, music and mayhem, auctions and artists, strawberries and shopping, BBQ, bargains, books and beer, Waiters racing, children singing, jugglers throwing ... PHEW! WHAT A DAY! Read on 

The Abbeville Fete is AWESOME! 

In spite the rain, on offer here on Saturday were – candy floss and cake, burgers and bands, strawberries and song and so much more.

Also on offer were street sweeping, rubbish clearing, furniture hauling, onion chopping, running yourself into the ground and rushing around like a mad thing (I saw a lot of you doing it!). 

The Abbeville Fete IS awesome but it is also exhausting!

So just why do we do it?  

This morning’s gospel is full of references to rewards – what is the fete’s reward?

Read more here 

New Beginnings

On Trinity Sunday we welcomed five young people into Holy Communion.  It was wonderful to welcome their families on the day we celebrate God as Trinity: the family of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

It was a very lively service with all of those who attended the preparation classes and some their friends and siblings taking part.   This is entirely fitting as they are a very lively bunch and the classes we have shared together have been enormous fun.  The final class on Friday will involve watching a movie of Jesus’ life whilst eating pizza and chocolate cake.   

We are very proud of our younger members and delighted to have them share at the Lord’s table with us.  As part of the service we all committed ourselves to support and encourage them in their journey of faith and to pray for them and I would ask you to hold them continually in your prayers giving thanks for all they bring to the family of God.  We continue to celebrate the new beginning their first communion marks not just for them but for all of us together:                                            read more

Picnic, Prayer and Praise in the Park 

Join in the Deanery Summer Celebrations in Kennington Park on Sunday 6th July 2014, from 12.30-4pm.  Read more 

Many People One in Spirit and Service 
Mission Action Planning -  Holy Spirit, Clapham 


As part of our 100th birthday celebrations we began to look forward to the next 100 years: to ask ourselves who we are and what we are here for. 

We continued with workshops exploring what we HOPED for the FUTURE of our church and community.

read more

Congratulations to Katherine & George

PENTECOST – the Holy Spirit is Coming – look busy…

…get busy.  The Holy Spirit is a little like divine double espresso coffee… it gets us moving… 

The coming of the Holy Spirit got the first disciples off their backsides and sent them out into their community.  

Read on

Coffee in Beirut

They were just having a quiet coffee on Easter Sunday in a shopping centre in Beirut when this happened.

Film Club

We are reorganising the Film Club and will announce a full range of films and times soon!

Lent - what's on

People tend to think of Lent as a time to give things up but it is the ideal time to try something new.  Doing something just a little bit different for FIVE WEEKS in Spring can open up a whole new perspective on who we are and how we live.

This Lent we invite you to step outside of the everyday for one evening a week and see what where it takes you.  ALL WELCOME absolutely NO previous experience or knowledge needed. See here for what's on offer.  

Clapham Opera Festival 2014

The first Festival was a huge success, and now we are delighted to hear from them that planning has started for the 2014 Festival. Once again with the aim of introducing opera to a new, local audience (as well, of course, as to confirmed addicts). The Festival will start on Sunday 21st September, with performances on 26th September, 4th October, 10th October and 12th October 2014. Some exciting new themes are being planned - watch this space!

 Are you the one?

In her sermon on 15th December, Mtr Ruth considers how reality does not always match our expectations, and that sitting in prison challenged John's expectations from the Messiah.

Hands up if you’ve got your tree up already?

This week I was beaten down by my family – who voted 3 against 1, so the tree is up and there are fairy lights everywhere.

But where are the fairy lights in today’s Gospel? Read on

Archbishop's New Year message

Did you know that Justin Welby's New Year message has already been recorded - at the Ace of Clubs here in Clapham?

See him - and the Club - on BBC 2 at 12:45 on New Year's Day.

The Ace of Clubs is managed by Sarah Miles, also churchwarden of this church.

The Ace of Clubs is located in St Alphonsus Road, by St Mary's RC church in Clapham Park Road. Back in May, Sarah shared some of her experience with us, based upon her work there. 

The Ace of Clubs is one of our Christmas charities, together with Embrace and the Children's Society.

Carol Singing at London Bridge
We had a good presence from CHS, singing to support the Robes Project for the homeless, and adding to the £52,000 raised in one night on the sleepout. Robert Bowles conducted, Adrian Mudd with tuba, Anna Rowsell , Margi Mahoney, Maddie Johnston, Alan Mundy, Lottie Lago and Anna Long (taking the picture) who also slept out, raising £1,375. 

Here's Anna's Justgiving page, which is still open.

Hope for the Future @ CHS

Here's an invitation it is hard to resist. 

Who are we and what are we here for? This year as we have been celebrating our 100th birthday we have started to plan our future.  In particular how our church community can be a sign of hope, not just for us, but also for our local community.

Read on to find out how you can shape the future.

Remembrance Sunday

Read the full text of Mtr Louise's sermon here.




Film Club

Kids FILM CLUB showed Spirited Away (Studio Ghibli) on FRIDAY 6th December. From January the club will run films on the second and fourth Friday of every month. Years 6 and up.
Bring yourselves and your friends along. Free popcorn and a tuck shop as well.



Clapham Opera Festival - 10 November 3:00 pm

The third recital from the Festival features arias from Franz Lehár, Strauss, Offenbach, and Gilbert and Sullivan amongst others. Read about the superb artists featured in this concert here.



 BBC features Robert Bowles on CHS organ

The Musical Legacy of Andrew Carnegie: Radio 3 12:15am November 2 Listen to the item on BBC here.

Who was the man behind Carnegie Hall? Andrew Carnegie was a Scot by birth, raised in a weaver’s cottage in Dunfermline before he and his family went to America, where Carnegie was to make his fortune in steel and the railways. He died in 1919 leaving a musical legacy including over 7,000 church organs and 3000 libraries and music halls, including the infamous Carnegie Hall in New York. Liz Macdonald from the Carnegie Trust UK tells the story of Carnegie the man,  and the work which continues in his name today. 

Robert Bowles, organist of The Church of the Holy Spirit, Clapham, demonstrates one of the few remaining working organs built with generous help form Carnegie.  Find out a little about the organ Carnegie funded here.

 Robes Project

ROBES winter night shelter run by local churches starts on 7th November. We are hosting Tuesday nights before Christmas and Wednesday nights after Christmas. If you are interested in volunteering contact Anna Long


FUNDRAISER SLEEP OUT will be held on 29th November. Interested? See what our volunteers thought last year and also  

Responses to Harvest

There has been a good first response to the Harvest Call - see what people have put their hand up for. Read on





Baroque Recital - review

Another superb evening at the Clapham Opera Festival brought another scent, another century, another voice.   Read on

Giving of yourself

Harvest Festival is a time when some of the plenty is shared with others, but Mtr Ruth asks whether the real gift is not to give of ourselves. Read on

On the side of the angels?

Mtr Ruth ponders whose angels are remembered at Michaelmas - just the goodies, or the devil's lot too - and whether that means that there is hope for all of us.
Read on

The same message was delivered in the form of a short play by the younger members of the church and you can read the script here.




Are you confused about money?

Mtr Louise shows how the gospel teaching is not always clearly set out for us to follow, but discerns a message despite Luke's packaging of Jesus' teaching. Read on


 Barn Dance - 12 October

 Book your tickets for the Barn Dance - see details here.




Racial Awareness Week

As well as being churchwarden at St Paul's Clapham, Denize Belingy has a career in the media in publicity and press relations. 
Here - from her sermon on 8th September - she shares with us her awakening to history, to greatness and to the evolving attitudes of people to her as a black woman, and to her partner, over the years.

Lucy Crowe to be Patron of Clapham Opera Festival

The Clapham Opera Festival has announced that Lucy Crowe, the rising British star soprano, has agreed to be the Patron of the Clapham Opera Festival. 
Read on

What are your fears?

Mtr Ruth likens our fears to the imprisonment of those suffering a curvature of the spine, and shows how liberation can come from the ability to stand tall. Read on

Youth Activities

See how you can get involved with Youth Activities which begin next month. 
Click here for details.

Keeping account of each day

In a sermon preached on Sunday 4th August Mtr Louise asks whether we account for each day. Read the full text here. She gives an example of someone who is driven to account for each day so as to 'make her life worth saving' - Dame Stephanie Shirley, who came to Britain on a Kindertransport from Austria before the second world war. You can listen to a brief reminiscence

New Community Outreach Group

We are looking at bringing together people's talents in our community to  best effect. We want to pull people together to share their passions and skills, to show that working together we achieve so much more than we can as individuals.

Will you join us in our planning meeting on 27th August at 8pm to find new ways to improve lives in our community? Contact Karen or Nicola for more details.

Making Freedom

For some, looking back at history is pointless, irrelevant and boring but in truth it's full of meaning, has vital lessons for today, and is deeply personal - that's why an important moment was marked at Holy Trinity, Clapham on Saturday 3rd August. Read on

Avoiding your Neighbour and Knowing your Place

In two sermons preached on 14th and 21st July, Mtr Ruth takes a different line on two well-known parables. Is the Good Samaritan the hero or is it the man in the ditch? Read on

And then she shows how Martha's moan about Mary slacking off and listening to Jesus isn't just about Mary giving a hand with the dishes - it's altogether more subversive to Christ's teaching. Find out how

Window to heaven

Continuing the series of Pentecost sermons by members of the congregation, Alan Stanton speaks from the standpoint of an architect on space. You can read his sermon here. You can also see Alan talking here on the BBC about the new Sainsbury Laboratory in Cambridge.

Bad, Sad or Mad

After Pentecost we celebrate that God’s spirit is for all people with a series of sermons from the congregation. Sarah Miles spoke on working with the poor, Martha Ford-Adams on working with the sick. On Sunday 23rd June, John Taylor and Penny Brooke talk about their work with prisoners and ex-offenders. Both practical and emotional, you can read John's here and Penny's here.

Good Banks

If you missed the debate on Good Banks on 12 June at St Paul's, you can watch it here.

Who is poor?

With a personal commitment to the poor, working at the Ace of Clubs, the local centre for the homeless, Sarah Miles shared with us last Sunday her understanding of what it is to be poor, in the first of a series of lay sermons. Here is the full text.

Annual Report

You can read the annual report and accounts for 2012 of Church of the Holy Spirit here. We have a first phase development plan for our centenary which you can read about here. We are excited to be on the move and hope you can support us!

The Bridge

Junior Music

Join them on 2nd June and every fortnight! A glorious range of beautiful voices aged 7 to 17 filled the church last Sunday, 5th May, as Junior Music got under on

Big Birthday Bash

We celebrated one hundred years of ministry here at Holy Spirit, Clapham with a packed Pentecost weekend on 18/19 on

Wine Tasting for Christian Aid 16 May

Bite back at hunger this Christian Aid Week 
12-18 May 2013

Today 870 million people are in desperate need of food. This is a scandal.

Together, this Christian Aid Week, we can help some of the world’s poorest families get enough to eat. For good.  

An enjoyable way to raise money for this very worthy cause,  once again Colin Baxter will be guiding us through a great wine tasting event in aid of Christian Aid on 16th May. Chris and Rosemarie Jones are kindly organising and hosting this event at their home, 108 Hambalt Road from 7.30pm, tickets are priced at £25 to include supper and wine with the meal as well as the tasting. In the past this event has been very popular so do get in touch to get your tickets soon, contact Chris on 07899061990 or or Sara Spillett on 02074980837


Centenary Weekend

We are fast approaching the highlight of our centenary year: Pentecost Festival Weekend Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May. Please put it in your diaries NOW!

The festival weekend will be enormous fun for the church and the surrounding community.

There will be making, baking, creating and competing onSaturday from 10 am – 4pm at the PARISH PREPARATION DAYRead on


First Communion

Our fun and friendly six week course helps to prepare our children to take their place at the Lord's Table.

We explore how we belong to God, the church and one another and how our lives are changed by God's gifts to us.

The children meet one evening a week for six weeks and grow more confident in their understanding of their faith, develop their life of prayer and make good friends with other children from church. 

The final session is a movie night during which we watch an animated story of Jesus’ life, eat pizza and muffins.

Children are set homework each week and we encourage parents and carers to engage with their questions and share their own thoughts and experiences.

This year’s FIRST COMMUNION COURSE starts in the third week of April.  Please contact Mother Ruth if you are interested or would like more information at

Wanted - Fire Makers

Are you a bit of a pyromaniac?  We have just the job for you. 

Every Sunday morning some lucky person gets the job of setting fire to charcoal blocks with a blow torch and directing the flame until they are glowing red hot; they then pile on just the right amount of incense and gently encourage the smoke to rise.  The incense must be monitored closely thorough out the service and swung around to create just the right amount of smoke. 

This is the job of the THURIFER, the MIGHTY MASTER of SMOKE!

We are looking for brave souls to train up wield the THURIBLE. 

No previous experience required!

Open to sensible secondary school children as well as (sensible) adults. 


Wanted - Local Talent

We have a hunch that Clapham is packed full of gifted musicians. To prove it we holding a concert on 8th June to show off and share the local talent. We have singers, organists, cellists, pianists and guitarists- all we need now is you.

If you play and instrument or sing whether alone or in a group and would be interested in playing please contact Anna or have a chat with Mtr Ruth.

Everyone is very welcome to come and enjoy the evening. 7.30 kick off, wine and refreshments available.


An evening of beauty

With the opening bars of the Swan (Carnival of the Animals) by Saint Saens, from the cello of Louise McMonagle with Richard Keohane at the piano, we realized we were in for a musical treat. Read on for full review of this concert.

Mothering Sunday

Feel that this winter is lasting forever? Spring is just around the corner and the church will overflowing with spring flowers this Mothering Sunday – 10th March 10.30am.

This is always a joyful and lively service for all ages when, despite Lent, we go to town on the cake stall which is set up at the end of the service.

Lent - Learning, Living, Loving

Throughout Lent, there are housegroups you can join, Lent soup on Saturdays and much more. See here for further details about Lent.

100th Birthday Party

Come, drink, eat, celebrate, commit. 27th January marks the start of a very special year as the Church of the Holy Spirit reaches its hundredth birthday!  Read on

Servers' Festival

The annual servers' festival is held at Southwark Cathedral in January, and this year was held as part of the Diocesan Strategy for Ministry Day of Prayer and Fasting - maybe that explains the presence of all 4 Bishops!  Read on

Christmas Fair

We have everything you need to get you in the mood for the festive season: mince pies, mulled wine; Stalls, shopping, St Nicholas AND of course, Christmas carols. Read on

Response to the recent vote on women Bishops

The unexpected rejection of the legislation to enable the appointment of women as Bishops in the Church of England draws this response from Mtr Ruth.

Bishop licenses Ruth Burge-Thomas & Deborah Matthews

What a splendid and joyous occasion it was. On Monday the 12th of November, the right Reverend Christopher Chessun, Bishop of Southwark, licensed Ruth Burge-Thomas as Parish Priest (Vicar designate) and Deborah Mathews as Priest-in-ChargeRead on

Volunteering with the Robes Project

It is hard to believe a year has gone by and Churches together in Clapham (CTiC) is about to embark on its second season of Volunteering for the Robes winter night shelter project in Clapham. We are looking for volunteers to join us again this winter. Read on

We're supporting a bank

Ruth visited our local food bank on Poynders Road recently – they had only been open for an hour and a half but they had already provided food for 15 families. Read on

Back to Church Sunday

This will be celebrated on 30th September, and the 10:30 service will be followed by a delicious lunch. Who will YOU be inviting this time?

PCC meeting latest minutes published

Click here to read the minutes

Adults' Confirmation classes start in September

Interested in learning more about the Christian faith and / or in preparing for Confirmation? You've come to the right place. Click here for more information.

Shaking Hands - or what do Christians, Buddhists and Muslims have in common?

As part of a new inter-faith conversation in Clapham, local people from all three faiths including members of Holy Spirit, Clapham spend an evening finding out. Read on

Drama in Edinburgh

This year we don't just have the Olympics in London; as in every year Edinburgh has its festival. Read how several young members of the church congregation are performing in exciting plays at the Edinburgh Fringe this August. Why not make the trip up to see them? Read on

Longer legs for Christian Aid - wine tasting

This was the second year that Chris and Rosemarie Jones have been generous in opening up their home  Read on

Shore to Shore

Sarah Finch writes for us about an extraordinary cultural and religious exchange between England and Morocco. More

Robes Project for the homeless

Several volunteers from Holy Spirit - Alan Mundy, Anna Long, Penny Brooke, Kathryn Newell, Sara Spillett, John Taylor, Biddy Taylor and Nicola Kingston - have been working at the Robes Project this winter. Read on

Farewell parish lunch

We said a fond farewell to Jeremy, Sharon, Gabriella & Bart Blunden on Sunday 5 February. Fr Jeremy left to be Team Rector of Warlingham. It was an emotional gathering of many well-wishers at an occasion which celebrated their nine years in the parish. On 8th March, a good crowd from Holy Spirit went to All Saints Warlingham for his Institution by the Bishop of Southwark - this was a stirring occasion in a beautiful church - and magnificent church hall.

Bishop's Pastoral Letter

Bishop Christopher responds to the riots in London and the UK.  His letter was read out in Southwark churches on Sunday 14 August 2011: ‘Jesus wept over Jerusalem. Read more

Bishop of Southwark

You can view photographs from Bishop Christopher’s Enthronement here.

Bishop of Croydon

Photographs from Bishop Nick’s farewell service are here.

The Timothy Beaumont Plaque

The Timothy Beaumont Plaque was dedicated on 14 February 2010. 

The Gift of Giving
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