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Continuing the build - 97 years so far

The organ at the Church of the Holy Spirit is not complete!   It is a lot more complete than it was 20 years ago, but the completion project ground to a halt in 2008 as the remaining missing parts could not be found on the second-hand market.

Now they have turned up, in St Andrew’s United Reformed Church in Eastbourne, which has closed, and the site is to be re-developed.

St Andrews have accepted our bid, and we are in the process of removing the pipes and bringing them to Clapham, after which they will be installed in the organ.  In the meantime, they will be stored on the vestry roof (which was designed to take the load!)

There are 99 
pipes and various other associated parts to be transported.  Many of the pipes are around 3m long,  and they won’t fit into even a large estate car.

Robert and James brought back what would fit in a car a couple of weeks ago (left) and Robert and Ian will collect the remainder, in a hired van, very shortly.

All the pipes were planned and prepared for when the organ was built almost 100 years ago, but the degree of preparation varied.  For some pipes, everything is ready, and they just need to be placed in position.  

For others, the space is available, but the machinery for operating them was not provided.  The organ at Eastbourne has provided the missing machinery as well, but it will all have to be re-assembled on a new timber platform which will be hidden inside the organ chamber.

You can watch to an interview about the first 94 years here.