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Any questions relating to music can be addressed to Andrei Lebed, Director of Music at .


Andrei has enjoyed a rich and diverse musical career as an organist, choral conductor and pianist to date. He learnt the organ at University College School while playing regular services in West Hampstead, Andrei went on to read Music at Peterhouse, Cambridge and was organ scholar there. While at Cambridge, Andrei much time conducting the Peterhouse choir, during which time they were welcomed to lots of venues, including Westminster Abbey, Notre Dame in Paris, and St George's, Windsor.

During the week, Andrei works as the Head of Business Channels for the company behind the .ART internet domain extension. In his spare time Andrei still enjoys rowing (though increasingly in the social rather than competitive side of the sport), and taking on new challenges. He is a local to the Church of the Holy Spirit, living directly across the Common on Marney Road.