Many people One in Spirit and Service

Many People One in Spirit and Service

Mission Action Planning At Holy Spirit Clapham


As part of our 100th birthday celebrations we began to look forward to the next 100 years: to ask ourselves who we are and what we are here for.

We continued with workshops exploring what we HOPED for the FUTURE of our church and community.

It turns out that we have HIGH HOPES! This is what you told us you were hoping for:

Welcoming committee, Renewal of vows, Home/study group, Pastoral/visiting team/SPA, 20-30s, 60-70s, Iona/retreat, financial stability and robust processes, 25hr day, Reach Notre Dame, More diversity, Benefits advice centre – centre of community – coffee shop, Mentoring – work experience – internships, Lighting outside church, Front garden, Internal layout, Sound system, Administrative support, More people, Open church, Skills audit, Increased participation in decision making, More volunteering, Regular choir, Training in tradition, High profile concerts, Preschool, Cinema, youth/children, Community outreach, More BME, Study Groups, Church to be open all day every day, Administrative help, Army of volunteers for fete, recommitment, Communication and presentation, Increasing our diversity – more BME, more 20-30’s and 60-70’s, Connecting with wider community, Connecting on the street – space outside to connect community – contact centre too, Growing connections, Signpost on main road, Increasing congregation and worship, Increasing accessibility – pre-schoolers, Non Eucharistic services, Evening prayer, Film club – publicity, Prayer groups, Spiritual and pastoral support and resources, Home groups, More money, Role models, Dance/drama ... Band, create relationships with organisations such as Lambeth college, Explore how we can help support unemployed, Local market, Pastoral outreach, Home visits, Open church, Minibus to pick up old people, Older teens, Strategic review of toilets and storage, Legible wording on pulpit, Spiritual nurturing, Retreats / away days / weekends, Choir with no name community, Pastoral visiting, Visiting programme for persons in need outside the church, Form a group whose members visit the isolated / aged / sick etc, Pastoral visiting team, Older people visits / activities, More connection with old and lonely, Lifts for old or infirm people, Derby & Joan club again, Outreach with the estates, Youth club, More positive activities / after school for young people, Mentoring for young people (16-25) to support access to education, employment or training, One hour drop off childcare, Youth club open to all with youth leader, Make CHS a centre for resource exchange, Church based wonga, Classes on how to shop and cook on a low budget, Provide literacy lessons, Learn to read outreach, Train volunteers to help to advise and give support to those who need it within the community, Host literacy or English as second language classes, Help local charities to capacity build, Study groups, Study / prayer / meditation small groups, AND MANY MORE! 

This list would certainly keep us busy well into the next 100 years. But as Archbishop Oscar Romero said:

“We cannot do everything. Which liberates us to do something and to do it well

What you said care most about: 
  • offering ALL opportunities to grow & nurture their faith
  • giving more to YOUNG people
  • caring more for OLDer people 

Interestingly when the when the Holy Spirit was first sent to the disciples at Pentecost, Peter quoted God’s promise from the prophet Joel:

I will pour out my spirit on ALL people

Your YOUNG shall see visions 

Your OLD shall dream dreams 

A coincidence? We don’t think so!

SO what NEXT?

Having decided where we want to get to we now need a Mission Action Plan to get there.

So we are putting together a MAP team. A small group whose job will be to produce a detailed PLAN of how we can develop in these three areas. They will be seeking input from the groups we already have working in these areas.

Once the plan is drawn up we need to put it into ACTION … which is where YOU come in ... 

“I will pour out my spirit on ALL people ..." 

We hope for all of us to grow and thrive in our faith. To do so we would like to increase the opportunities for study, prayer and fellowship.

Our recently formed GROWTH & NURTURE TEAM worked hard over Lent and Easter to provide new and varied opportunities for study and prayer and have many more ideas for worship, prayer, retreats & away days.

The big project they are working on at the moment is HOME GROUPS. Offering small groups that meet in people’s homes to provide a place in which we can discuss and share our faith, learn and grow and most importantly get to know each other better and care for one another.

You will be hearing more about this soon!

There will be an information evening (with, of course, cake and wine!) to find out more on THURSDAY 10th JULY 7.45-8.00pm. 

"… Your YOUNG shall see visions…"

We have a great crowd of children and young people here at Holy Spirit and many more who take part in events that we organise in our local community.

Young people are a HUGE part of our community accounting for between 30 and 40% of the congregation on any given Sunday.

We have a Sunday school and crèche team and a YOUTH & CHILDREN’S COMMITTEE who head up a very active with crèche, Sunday school, senior Sunday school;

we offer classes to prepare our young people for first communion and confirmation; we have a marvellous and growing team of young servers and a film club in its infancy….

But there is so much that we could do, both here in church and in our local community.

We are ALWAYS looking for people to get involved.

"…your OLD shall dream dreams.” 

As well as a great crowd of young people we have a great crowd of old people too!

We are blessed with one particular most beloved member of our congregation who has worshipped with us for nearly 86 years and is still very actively involved (you know who you are!).

However, not all old people in our area are so much a part of the community; Clapham is a wonderful place for young people and for families and there is a danger that older people might be missed out (particularly those who are less mobile).

With this is mind our COMMUNITY OUTREACH GROUP have decided to make the older generations their priority and in explore what resources we have to offer and to develop links with other local community organisations working in the same area.

But we need your help 


We are looking for more people with a passion for our community and our future together to join the MAP team to steam ahead with the PLANNING process.

We won’t wait until the plan is complete before the ACTION begins so let us know where your heart lies and get involved.


EVERYONE has something to offer! 

Whether you have a little or a lot; whatever your gifts, interests, time and resources; sharing them will help our community thrive.

Your gifts will make a difference to our three key mission areas. We need your help to resource this and we are running a stewardship campaign to promote giving. There will be a formal launch on Sunday 21st September—STEWARDSHIP SUNDAY. We will keep you informed about how your money is spent and the difference you make.





Please get in touch 

Judith Vickery. MAP Co-Coordinator 

Mother Ruth 

Rosemarie Jones: Chair of Stewardship