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Deanery Synod

The church is divided into parishes (our bit of Clapham is the parish of Holy Spirit), and these parishes gather together into local areas called Deaneries. Holy Spirit is one of sixteen parishes in the Lambeth North Deanery. As well as being how the church of England is managed, the parish and the deanery are the first building blocks in the democratic governance of the church, called synods, which are the local and national parliaments of our church. See here for who is on the PCC for this parish.

Here, Reverend Deborah Matthews, who is vicar of St Paul's Clapham, explains her role as Area Dean:

I have recently been commissioned as Area Dean of our Deanery which is Lambeth North. Lambeth North is one of two new deaneries formed from the reorganisation of the deaneries of Clapham, Brixton, Lambeth and Streatham in 2005. It includes Lambeth Palace, the headquarters of leading Anglican Mission Societies, as well as St Thomas’ Hospital- l am supported in this role by two Assistant Area Deans, The Revd Angus Aagard, Team Rector of North Lambeth Team and The Revd Mark Williams, Vicar of St. John the Divine Kennington.

I am delighted that the newest Deanery representative from Church of The Holy Spirit, Judith Vickery, agreed to be nominated and was then voted to be the Lay Chair of our Deanery Synod. So Holy Spirit is connected to two people in key roles in the Deanery. In addition Marcus Hope is on the Archdeaconry Mission and Pastoral Committee, which will have a role to play in planning for the future.

The Diocesan Strategy, contained in the Strategy for Ministry document recommends that opinions and ideas from the Deaneries have a greater input into Archdeaconry and Diocesan plans for the future of Ministry in our areas. !t is therefore really important that all of our representatives are fully involved in the Deanery and always prioritize the meetings. Everyone is welcome to attend Deanery Synods, but only the members can vote. Please look out for the topic which we will be focussing on for each Synod and please come along and support your representatives and your Deanery.

We are beginning to think about what we can do across the Deanery together in response to phase 3 of Faith Hope and Love, Bishop Christopher’s Diocesan initiative. We are already involved in supporting those parishes where young people have died through gun and knife crime, by praying together during a walk of witness. We are also considering other ways in which we can minister together across the Deanery.

Breathing new life into Deaneries is our goal. Please play your part in helping us to achieve it and pray for all the churches, people and clergy in Lambeth North Deanery.

The Revd Deborah Matthews     Area Dean, Lambeth North Deanery

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