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Do we really need God? What is the point of going to church? Does prayer change the world or us?

If you wish to be confirmed, or if you need a chance to re-confirm you faith or just a space to explore and think, these 7 evenings are for you.  

Small, open and friendly discussion evenings provide a place to say what you really think; ask the questions you have never asked; listen to the beliefs and doubts of others; and get to know others, friends and strangers.  

We meet once a week starting on Wednesday 9 September at 7:30 pm* in the vestry.  (with a break for half term).  At the end of the seven weeks, those who wish to,will be confirmed by the Bishop and we will throw them a bit of a party. * There is some scope for being flexible with times and days, so let me know what works for you as soon as you can.   

Please contact Mother Ruth ( asap if you are interested (even if you can’t make all the dates).