I thought we were all one in Christ? A response to the Primates' statement

Today the meeting of Anglican primates issued a statement acknowledging the differences between churches within the Anglican Communion over issues of sexuality and the definition of marriage.  They then agreed to sanction the U.S. Anglican church for their commitment to the full-inclusion of LGBTQI people by barring them from the decision-making process of the Communion.  They expressed their hope that this decision would strengthen church unity.  I am not sure what definition of unity they are applying – how can unity can be strengthened by excluding one part of the Communion – surely that is dis-union? 

I applaud our brothers and sisters in the Episcopal church for their bold commitment to the gospel of inclusive love illustrated by the parable that Jesus told of the lost sheep: how can the 99 sheep be whole if they exclude the 1?

The PCC of this church will be reviewing the new LGBTI Mission initiative over the next few months as a prelude to deciding whether or not to support it.  I hope they do.


In the meantime do read the response of one Episcopalian priest from California published in the Huffington Post by clicking on the link below.