Hope for the Future @ CHS - update

Dear Parishioner/Member of CHS

A big thank you to all 47 of you who came to the Hope for the Future @ CHS sessions in November, on Saturday 11th and Monday 27th January, and a special vote of thanks to Sarah and Ollie for their hard work in preparing.

We were bowled over – bowled over by the numbers of you who came, bowled over by the passion you brought to the process, bowled over by the imagination you brought to the 50+ ways you thought that CHS can be a focus of hope in our community, bowled over by the richness of the resources you identified, and bowled over by the network of people and organisations you think we can work with.

We have now collated the information and were able to present it at the Annual Meeting on Thursday 3rd April.

Click here to see the presentation  (or see below to download it). 

The next stage is to produce a Community Action plan - an example is included in the presentation below. You can find out more about how we are going to resource the plan here.

CHS Info,
8 Apr 2014, 05:07