Finding Treasure in Advent

Advent means coming.

During Advent we look forward to the coming of Christmas.  

But we also look forward to the coming of Jesus and the coming of the kingdom of God.

What will come out of your Advent?
What treasure do we have that we can use to build the kingdom of God?

This advent we invite each household to make their own treasure box – big or small

  • FIRST find your box
  • NEXT decorate your box
  • THEN make a time each day to think about what treasures you have enjoyed that day
  • REMEMBER to thank God for that treasure and ask God to help you know how you can pass it on for someone else to enjoy
  • CHOOSE what to put in your treasure box (if it is an action – like doing something kind for someone write what you did and pop it in the box.
  • POP your treasure in your treasure box
  • REPEAT 1 -6 until you have FILLED YOUR TREASURE BOX

Here are some examples..... 

Treasure God gives you:

Learning something interesting at school
Having a great breakfast

A nice, hot shower

Being hugged by someone you love

Something makes you laugh

Taking some medicine or visiting the doctor

Wearing a warm coat

Spending time with a friend

Treasure you can pass on:

giving a book to charity for someone else to read

donating food for the food bank box

giving some shower gel to the Ace of clubs for a homeless person to get clean

phoning a relative who lives alone for a nice, long chat

Smiling at someone you don’t know

Putting some money in the box to donate to a charity like Medecins Sans Frontieres

Sorting out your old clothes to take to a charity shop

Can you think of any more? Great!

Email me your ideas & a photo of your treasure box to:

And we’ll put all of your ideas and photos on our website!

Rev Ruth Burge-Thomas