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Update 24 September

posted 24 Sept 2020, 15:09 by CHS Info   [ updated 24 Sept 2020, 15:12 ]
The two sides of the chancel showing the four new speakers in the choir area (the thin white things)

Roddy Gye of contractors GHA writes: You will be glad to hear that the PTZ cameras* arrived with us today, so there is no longer any danger of the project being delayed by equipment shortages.  They will be installed next week.   The cabling is now pretty much all installed, apart from a few bits and pieces in the organ loft.  The speakers are all in place and just about all connected.  There is a surprising amount of work still to do – it’s all the less prominent kit that takes time to install, as well as the tinkering with the software and the inevitable snagging.   You have allocated quite a few days for testing, but we will be lucky to get to that stage much before the end of next week (2nd October).  The control desk is starting to take shape, and I hope to get it on site in the latter stages of next week – that was always going to be a three week build.   I hadn’t anticipated doing any training before handover, incidentally, so assuming that happens on 9th October as hoped, then we should think about training from that point onwards.  Perhaps we could plan for an initial session on 10th October?

* There are six cameras on all - three fixed and three Pan Tilt Zoom cameras which as the name suggests can be turned and tilted by little electric motors to cover different views of the church