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Getting wired up - 19 September

posted 19 Sept 2020, 01:59 by CHS Info   [ updated 19 Sept 2020, 11:02 ]

The challenge in connecting up 6 cameras, 16 speakers, 6 microphones, mixing desk, monitors, amplification and access to the internet is wiring. A lot of it. The second challenge is to do the wiring in a way which is as sympathetic as possible to the sacred and historic nature of our building. GHA engineers are focussing on this first, with much of the low-level work laid down and the high-level work (which needs a substantial tower) to be done next week. Roddy Gye of GHA reports: "I think we're in reasonable shape.  Almost all the kit has arrived, apart from the PTZ cameras which we are assured are on track.The guys are back on Monday."