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Activity - 22 September

posted 22 Sept 2020, 05:10 by CHS Info   [ updated 22 Sept 2020, 09:41 ]

Wiring for the AV system at CHS is a pretty major project. Joe Turner of GHA gives a little explanation of what is happening. Meanwhile David Cones, also of GHA, works at high level on the wiring to connect both cameras and speakers.to their locations on the columns. Some of the speakers on the far wall are already connected.

Meanwhile, Ollie Jenni is working with the BT engineer to try and solve a problem with the broadband installation at the church. The BT cabinet sits just outside the church front door, so in theory the job should be an easy one. Still, we're looking forward to when it is all resolved!

The church now has broadband successfully installed by BT Openreach.