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First use of the AV system - Sunday 11 October

posted 11 Oct 2020, 08:29 by CHS Info   [ updated 11 Oct 2020, 08:45 ]

This Sunday saw the first use of the AV system during a service - no broadcast this time, but Andrew Chevis tried out what was learnt at the training day yesterday. Another step on the road!

First training day - Saturday 10 September

posted 11 Oct 2020, 08:24 by CHS Info   [ updated 11 Oct 2020, 08:47 ]

The first 9 trainees got their hands onto the system on Saturday - thanks to all of them for forming the beginnings of a team! 

Friday 9 October - System complete

posted 9 Oct 2020, 10:07 by CHS Info   [ updated 9 Oct 2020, 10:08 ]

The AV system is now substantially complete; some snagging and technical issues remain but  training is definitely on for Saturday 10 October. From that, a firm plan for our first services and other uses will begin to take shape.

The view on a Zoom meeting, viewed from the camera located above the church's main entrance

Mixing desk to be installed on Monday - training on Saturday 10 October

posted 30 Sept 2020, 10:07 by CHS Info   [ updated 2 Oct 2020, 11:47 ]

This is where the audio visual system will be controlled from, when it will be located at the back of the church near the notice-boards. The console is being manufactured at GHA's Nine Elms premises at the moment and will be installed on Monday in church. Ten people have now volunteered to be trained to operate the console and - if the remainder of the installation goes to plan, then training should start on Saturday 10 October.

Update 24 September

posted 24 Sept 2020, 15:09 by CHS Info   [ updated 24 Sept 2020, 15:12 ]

The two sides of the chancel showing the four new speakers in the choir area (the thin white things)

Roddy Gye of contractors GHA writes: You will be glad to hear that the PTZ cameras* arrived with us today, so there is no longer any danger of the project being delayed by equipment shortages.  They will be installed next week.   The cabling is now pretty much all installed, apart from a few bits and pieces in the organ loft.  The speakers are all in place and just about all connected.  There is a surprising amount of work still to do – it’s all the less prominent kit that takes time to install, as well as the tinkering with the software and the inevitable snagging.   You have allocated quite a few days for testing, but we will be lucky to get to that stage much before the end of next week (2nd October).  The control desk is starting to take shape, and I hope to get it on site in the latter stages of next week – that was always going to be a three week build.   I hadn’t anticipated doing any training before handover, incidentally, so assuming that happens on 9th October as hoped, then we should think about training from that point onwards.  Perhaps we could plan for an initial session on 10th October?

* There are six cameras on all - three fixed and three Pan Tilt Zoom cameras which as the name suggests can be turned and tilted by little electric motors to cover different views of the church 

Activity - 22 September

posted 22 Sept 2020, 05:10 by CHS Info   [ updated 22 Sept 2020, 09:41 ]

Wiring for the AV system at CHS is a pretty major project. Joe Turner of GHA gives a little explanation of what is happening. Meanwhile David Cones, also of GHA, works at high level on the wiring to connect both cameras and speakers.to their locations on the columns. Some of the speakers on the far wall are already connected.

Meanwhile, Ollie Jenni is working with the BT engineer to try and solve a problem with the broadband installation at the church. The BT cabinet sits just outside the church front door, so in theory the job should be an easy one. Still, we're looking forward to when it is all resolved!

The church now has broadband successfully installed by BT Openreach.

Getting wired up - 19 September

posted 19 Sept 2020, 01:59 by CHS Info   [ updated 19 Sept 2020, 11:02 ]

The challenge in connecting up 6 cameras, 16 speakers, 6 microphones, mixing desk, monitors, amplification and access to the internet is wiring. A lot of it. The second challenge is to do the wiring in a way which is as sympathetic as possible to the sacred and historic nature of our building. GHA engineers are focussing on this first, with much of the low-level work laid down and the high-level work (which needs a substantial tower) to be done next week. Roddy Gye of GHA reports: "I think we're in reasonable shape.  Almost all the kit has arrived, apart from the PTZ cameras which we are assured are on track.The guys are back on Monday."

Work starts on the AV system

posted 19 Sept 2020, 01:45 by CHS Info   [ updated 19 Sept 2020, 09:31 ]

Roddy Gye (GHA Group), Karen Butti (Inspecting architect), and Ollie Jenni (AV specialist) reviewing the positioning of the new speakers

Work started on 15 September on our church's new audio-visual system, whose main purpose is to enable us to share services and events online, but which will also result in a major remedying of the current sound system. Our application for the Church of England's version of listed building consent, which gives full details of the solution, can be seen here. There were some questions asked about the number and positioning of speakers and cameras, and we are grateful to Robert Bowles (who is about to start a major addition to the organ, you can just see the additional pipes right, on the office roof) who added some expertise to our answers.

GHA have been many years in the business, and have provided large and small churches with audio-visual solutions. Some of their customers include Holy Trinity, Clapham, Westminster Abbey as well as a church in West Croydon.

The current project plan shows a completion date in early October.

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